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After years of working for plumbing companies, Adam Garza's study revealed that resolving drain problems is a specialized field with which few plumbers are totally familiar. This created an opportunity to further specialize the drain cleaning industry into drains that continually cause problems. Careful study of the market proved that the industry was over-saturated with company names that were very similar, possibly leaving people to believe these companies are all the same. Thus the name Drain-It Ò , The Drain Problem Professionals Ô .

Ò  products include residential and commercial service plumbing, such as faucets, toilets,disposals, water heaters, drain lines, sewer lines, storm drains, gas lines and water lines, specializing in drain problems, pipeline cleaning, video inspection, leak location, hydro-jet service, power washing, investigations, inspections and related repairs and replacements. A AAABAM CO. founded by Adam Garza and Roberta Kayne is the parent company of Drain-It
Ò . With high standards of quality, customer commitment, value and equal pricing, we offer a fresh and honest approach to plumbing and customer service.

AAABAM (spelled with three a's) is found in the Spanish Language dictionaries of the 1800s. The word Aaabam predates the year 700 A.D.Aaabam is defined as Plomo in Spanish. Plomo is defined primarily as lead (the metal) and also as straight, vertical and true. Plomo is the root word for Plomero, plumber, and Plomeria, pumbing. The trade of plumbing originated with those who worked with lead. Plomo in Latin is plumb which is the root word for plumber or plumbing.The definition of Aaabam can be found in the Nueva Enciclopedia Sopena, Diccionario Illustrado de la Lengua Espanola (The New Encyclopedia Sopena Illustrated Dictionary of the Spanish Language).We see A AAABAM CO. and Drain-It Ò as a straight, vertical true plumbing company, named for the definitions of Aaabam and plomo.

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